Amendment to the E+ OCEANS statute

In a recent online vote 75% of voters were in favor of a change to the E+ OCEANS statute.

OCEANS welcomes the new Vice-President

The community has elected Rosa Maria Utset to lead the International Development efforts of OCEANS Network under the new hat of Vice-President.


Welcome to OCEANS Network

OCEANS Network – is a network for students and alumni of the Erasmus+ programmes between the European Union on the one side and its partner countries on the other side. The student exchanges aim at promoting better relations between the people, improving the intercultural understanding and knowledge transfer.

OCEANS Network is run by the students and alumni themselves with the help of a service provider and it is funded by the European Commission.

Members can join workshops, conferences and higher education fairs all over the world, travel and accommodation scholarships included!


OCEANS Members report

Activities to join