The Board and the Team Coordinators

The Board is the executive decision making body of the OCEANS Network and has a mandate of one year. It is currently composed by 7 members: the President, the Vice President (Head of International Development) and the Heads of the 5 Teams (Digital Development; Communication; Fundraising; Professional Development; Membership Management and Internal Affairs). The leadership of each Team is shared between the Head and the Deputy-Head. The latter is not part of the Board but also perform an important coordinating role and substitutes the former when he/she is not present.




Kristie Derkson
The President is the primary leader of the OCEANS Network and brings forward the mission and vision of the Network. She has the responsibility to ensure the overall performance and regular operation of the Board Structure, both internally and towards external organizations and partners. Also, she is Board member of the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association.

About Kristie: Hello! My name is Kristie Derkson. I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I bring a little bit of a diverse background to OCEANS than most traditional members. I have a Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology and a diploma in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and am a member in good standing as a Professional Biologist (P.Biol.) with the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists and a Registered Professional Biologist (R.P.Bio.) with the British Columbia College of Applied Biology. I began my international student life as a forestry student in Germany, Wales, Sweden and Finland through the TransFor program and spent a semester in Turkey as well. I subsequently work as a wildlife biologist in the Canadian north doing wolf, caribou and bird surveys for industry and climate change initiatives. I have been a member of OCEANS since its inception in 2010 when I was selected to be the Canadian Coordinator for the board. I am a passionate advocate for international education.

Fun fact about me: I ran with the Olympic Torch in 2010 for the Vancouver Olympics.

Contact her: kristie.derkson(at)

Membership Management & Internal Affairs Coordinators

Internal affairs and Membership management team will be responsible will work closely with the Fundraising and Development team to engage OCEANS members’ community and promote the international spirit with new initiatives. In addition, the team will also be the guardian of OCEANS Network’s Statute and its amendments.



Head of Membership Management & Internal Affairs

Sunhee Kim
About Sunhee: Sunhee has been part of Oceans Network since her exchange at Tallinn University in Estonia in 2011. Sunhee has studied Educational Policy. She did another year-long exchange study in the US and a research internship in Finalnd. She recieved her Bachelor's from Chungbuk National University in South Korea in 2012 and her Master's from the University of Washington in the US in 2015. Currently, Sunhee lives in south Korea, working at a national research institute for vocational education.

Contact her:

Communication Coordinators

Our network is doing great things and providing amazing opportunities, but all of these needs to be communicated internally, to our members, and externally to the outside world. Exchange of information is key to enable our members to access our services, events, and opportunities. Packaging catchy and informative pieces of information on social media and articles to be published online is essential for advancing the prestige of the network and for giving chance to new people to get to know about us and what we do.



Head of Communication

Robin Heinsen
About Robin: Robin did his Bachelors in Asian Business on Avans University of Applied sciences in Breda the Netherlands. During this study he spent 1 year in China doing internship and did his exchange in Kyungpook University in Daegu South Korea. His interest in South Korea got him back once more for his Global MBA at Korea University after this bachelor studies.

Robin has been part of Oceans Network since his exchange in Daegu in 2012.

Contact him: robin.heinsen(at)



Professional Development Coordinators

The members of OCEANS have participated in international study programmes and acquired great academic skills and valuable intercultural competencies. The team aims at promoting professional development of a unique pool of students and graduates. The main activities focus on providing training and development opportunities, supporting job-seekers, networking and  fostering entrepreneurial ideas.



Head of Professional Development

Scott Darby

About Scott: Scott graduated from University of Wales, Bangor with a degree in Environmental Science. Later went on to work in the Health service before pursueing a Masters degree in Arid Land Studies.
During his Masters Degree he spent one year at Texas Tech University in the USA, thanks to a grant from the EU.
At the present moment Scott is working in Lebanon with Syrian and Palestinian refugees around areas of general health and dealing with trauma. Additionally to this Scott is also deeply involved with a project in Somaliland that is working towards reintroducing a locally extinct shrub that will alleviate hunger during the drought season by providing nuts for people and fodder for livestock.

Contact him: scott.darby(at)

Vice-President (Head of International Development)

Rosa Utset
The Vice-President is the leader of the international development strategy. She shares with the President the role of external representative towards external stakeholders and supports the President in ensuring the overall performance of the network, both internally, within the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association (ESAA) and externally towards third organizations. Also, she is Board member of the ESAA decision making bodies (Horizontal Board and Credit Mobility Strand Board).

About Rosa: Rosa graduated from the Economics Faculty at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. As part of her studies, she also studied at Seoul National University (South Korea) with scholarship “Korean European Nexus on International Economy and Governance” and became an OCEANS member.

After working for three years in the finance sector, her interest for International Cooperation and love for Asian culture brought her back to Seoul to study a Master in International Relations at Yonsei University. Also, this change in live provided her the opportunity to get more involved in OCEANS Network and became the VP!

Contact her: rosa.utset(at)

Digital Development Coordinators

The OCEANS Network, like almost any entity today, needs to exist in the digital world, and in order to accomplish this, OCEANS Network needs a team of digital experts (IT)!.



Head of Digital Development

Gabriele Armao
About Gabriele: Gabriele graduated from the computer science faculty of University of Bologna, in Italy, then he completed a master in information security and law.
He also studied his last year of graduate school in the USA, at Indiana University of Bloomingtonm thanks to the Overseas exchange program, and he's been hooked to exchange programs and their potentiality since then.
Right now, Gabriele is working as monitoring specialist in Bologna, Italy, he has experience in building websites and web services, using the most common frameworks (wordpress, joomla, django, ...) and programming languages (php, python, perl, ...), as well as administering all major operating systems and databases.
Gabriele has always been an active part of Oceans Network since the beginning.

Contact him: gabriele.armao(at)



Fundraising Coordinator

To address the new nature of OCEANS position, come new needs of the network. To be able to sustain a degree of independence needed to represent the extra-European exchange student and alumni, OCEANS need to evolve, and as the Fundraising Coordinator or team member they play a key role.



Head of Fundraising

Aodhagan O'Reilly
About Aodhagan: Aodhagan is currently working a currently working in asset management for and Dublin based pension fund. In the past he has worked as a commodity trader and in the shipping industry. He holds a MSc in Biosysytems Engineering from University College Dublin. During his undergraduate degree he took up the opportunity to study at Virginia Tech University for an entire academic year, whilst a master student he also attended University of Malta through the Erasmus programme. Outside of the workplace his passion is for sport, he currently rows competitively and is under taking further education to attain his professional qualifications in the financial industry..

Contact him: aodhagan.oreillyi(at)

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