02.06.2015 12:53 Age: 3 yrs

Submit your amendments

Dear OCEANS-members,
As you could read in the latest newsletter OCEANS is going through a process of internal restructuring due to changes on the EU level that will make us a part of the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association (ESAA). These changes required the writing of a new statute that will form the basis of OCEANS future work and activities.

We can now present you with the proposal of how this statute should look like. This proposal will be voted upon by the OCEANS delegates of the ESAA kick-off meeting. However, before this happens you get the chance to suggest changes to it!

Under the link provided below you can read both the statute and accompanying rules of procedure and suggest formal amendments. These suggestions consist of two parts. In the first part you specify the changes you want. Please refer as exactly as possible (by giving the article number and making a direct quote) to the part you want changed and make an exact suggestion for the wording that you suggest (of course you can also suggest that sentences should be deleted without replacement or make suggestions for adding sentences). In the second part you should give the reasons for the suggested change.

Any suggestions to both the statute and the rules of procedure are welcome, we only ask you to focus on content related changes and not on style related changes (e.g. changing the order of paragraphs or eliminating elements that seem to be there twice). Suggested amendments will be voted upon at the ESAA meeting by the OCEANS delegates before the final vote about the statute.

Please use this chance to influence the document that will be the basis for the future of OCEANS!

You have time until June 8 to submit your amendments.

Submission of amendments for the draft Statute

Submission of amendments for the draft Rules of Procedure