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Call for applications: OCEANS President and Vice-President 2022-23

Committed OCEANS members are warmly invited to apply for the position of the network’s next President or Vice-President for the term 2022/23 (starting in Feb/Mar 2022). Application submissions are open from 26 Nov – 13 Dec 2021!

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OCEANS members, listen up!

The current OCEANS President’s and Vice-President’s term is ending early next year, so this is your chance to get involved in the network to the maximum! Apply now to be the next OCEANS President or Vice-President for the term 2022/23!

Why apply for President and Vice President of OCEANS?

Volunteering in OCEANS is a great chance to learn new skills, to gain some valuable working experience and make a difference by helping OCEANS advance as an international organisation. Of course, it is also an opportunity to meet new friends and build up your personal network with people from around the world.


  • Applicants must be members of the OCEANS Network to apply to be President or Vice President
  • Have participated in Erasmus+ international credit mobility student or alumnus between programme country (EU)  and partners countries (Outside EU).
  • Have strong motivation and commitment to active in the OCEANS Network.
  • Have experience in OCEANS event or project will be an advantage.

Duties and Responsibilities

The year-long position will require around 10 hours per week to lead and represent the OCEANS network both internally and externally. Find out more about the duties and details for the positions below:

Duties of the President

  • Preparing the agenda with the board and presiding over the meetings of the OCEANS Board.
  • Leading the preparation to establish the annual work plan of OCEANS.
  • Coordinating the establishment of the OCEANS Statute and subsequent amendments.
  • Shared overseeing responsibilities together with the International Development Coordinator for the overall development of OCEANS in Extra-EU regions.
  • Overseeing with the Board the negotiation efforts with partner organisations.
  • Proposing initiatives to be led by OCEANS and ensuring their timely execution.
  • Overseeing the work of Team Heads and Deputy-Heads.
  • Leading networking efforts and established partnerships with other profit and non-profit organisations for joint projects.

Duties of the Vice-President

  • Providing the President with active support in leading the network and coordinating its initiatives.
  • Providing support in preparing the agendas for Board meetings and chairing the meetings when the President is not available.
  • Co­-Coordinating the network advocacy actions.
  • Co-­Coordinating the establishment of the annual work plan of OCEANS.
  • Helping to establish social networks within OCEANS.
  • Overtaking ad hoc tasks depending on the strategic needs of the Network.
  • Proposing procedures to ensure the most efficient way of involving active OCEANS members in joint activities.

How to apply

This is a yearlong position and candidates for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency should expect to devote up to 10 hours a week to this position. The position requires frequent international travel on behalf of the organization on a relative short notice.

We are excited to receive your application, the deadline to apply is 13 December 2021 at 10:00 am CET!

Please fill in the following form for the position of President or Vice-President: application link!

Next Steps:

Please fill in the application form as mentioned above. OCEANS will host an internal election to determine the next President and Vice-President.

During the time from 14 Dec – 23 Dec, we will promote the different candidates on social media and our community platform, and the candidates will be able to answer any questions from members. A town hall meeting is also planned to take place on the weekend of the 18-19 Dec.

The election is expected to take place online between 23 Dec 2021 – 10 Jan, 10 am  2022. The successful candidate will be notified on 10 January. If there is a tie then there will be a run-off from 11-16 Jan 22, offering results on 17 Jan 22.

Official mandate is expected to begin in February 2022 and will end February 2023 or latest with the handover meeting planned for mid Feb/mid March 2022. For a period of two months, the new President and Vice-President will be supported closely by the former President and Vice-President for any issues that may arise. The former President and Vice-President remain available for consultation throughout the mandate.


Germany, Cologne

26 November 2021

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