07.10.2013 09:28 Age: 5 yrs

Joint Event: Negotiation and Communication Seminar in Brussels

On September 22nd, around 38 OCEANS and EMA members met in Brussels for a Negotiation and Communication seminar held by Mr. Holger Osterrieder, deputy ambassador of Germany in Mali.

The day was very intense, with many activities planned. One of the most interesting parts involved was trying to negotiate the treaties after the Six-Day War between Israel an Egypt. Every member of a group had the role of a main character of the original situation (Israel, Egypt, Palestine, USA) and everyone had to reach their goals. The negotiation proved to be tough, giving us a hint about the challenges of diplomacy.

Another case involved the decision about where a new UN international agency would be located; participants were different countries, and each had their own interest in securing the new agency in their territory. As a matter of fact, Mr. Osterrieder explained that these interests are present in the real world, instead of being merely theoretical.

At the end, an extensive job interview was made and evaluated by the trainer; a short CV training then concluded the event, which was very appreciated by the participants.

As a personal opinion, I think the scope of the meeting was quite broad, but I appreciated Mr. Osterrieder very much: an intelligent and competent professional indeed.

See you at the next OCEANS events!


by Valerio Callegaro