The Board and the Team Coordinators

The Board is the executive decision-making body of the OCEANS Network and has a mandate of one year. It is currently composed by 7 members: President, the Vice President and five the Heads of Teams (Communication; Community Development, Digital Development, External Relations, Partnership Management). Communications and Digital development is supported by the deputy head who is not part of the Board, but also perform an important coordinating role and substitutes the head when he/she is not present.


You can reach the whole board through: board(at)




The President is the primary leader of the OCEANS Network and brings forward the mission and vision of the Network. President has the responsibility to ensure the overall performance and regular operation of the board Structure, both internally and towards external organizations and partners.


Jungyoon "Guni" Han (South Korea)

Jungyoon has been an active OCEANS NETWORK volunteer since 2011 providing training for outgoing students upon their exchange, organising workshops for members, advocating for international credit mobility programmes around the world. Jungyoon works as a communication consultant on projects both in private and public sector. Her latest works include managing strategic communications programs and campaigns around sports, entertainment, and live events. She graduated from Korea University with a double degree in sociology and business administration, and also did her studies in Barcelona Spain, and in Santiago Chile.


Contact Guni: jungyoon.han(at)

Head of Community Development

The OCEANS Network promotes professional and community development of its members by organising training seminars and workshops, supporting job-seekers, and fostering networking and entrepreneurial ideas. The Head of Community Development coordinates a group of active volunteers responsible for the planning and organisation of professional and community development activities. We seek to build on the experience and expertise of our own members who, through their participation in international study programmes at universities across the world, acquired valuable academic knowledge, professional skills and intercultural competencies.


Vlado Kmec (Slovakia, based in the UK and Germany)

About Vlado:

Vlado joined OCEANS in 2011. He is passionate about promoting professional and community development through training, workshops and exchange of ideas and expertise.

Vlado took part in the EU-Canada exchange programme in conflict studies/ public and international affairs at the University of Ottawa during his master's in international peace studies at Trinity College Dublin. He also studied at Comenius University in Bratislava, pursued doctoral research at Trinity College Dublin and at the University of Cambridge and took part in visiting/ exchange programmes at universities in Tübingen, Erlangen-Nürnberg, Berlin and Göttingen. He worked as a researcher and lecturer at University College Dublin and the University of Groningen. For his European engagement and his research on the EU's approach to peacebuilding within Common Security and Defence Policy, he was awarded the 2018 European Award for Citizenship, Security and Defence - special award for European Security and Defence, and the Medal of the President of the French Republic. Vlado's academic work is enriched by his professional experience with the United Nations, Amnesty International, educational institutions and civil society organisations. As a research associate at the University of Cambridge, Vlado researches and lectures in the fields of politics, international relations, peace and conflict studies, sociology and religious studies.


Contact Vlado: vladimir.kmec(at)

Communication Coordinators

Our network is doing great things and providing amazing opportunities, but all of these needs to be communicated internally, to our members, and externally to the outside world. Exchange of information is key to enable our members to access our services, events, and opportunities. Packaging catchy and informative pieces of information on social media and articles to be published online is essential for advancing the prestige of the network and for giving chance to new people to get to know about us and what we do.



Head of Communication

Gyungmin Lee (South Korea)

About Gyungmin:

Gyungmin has been involved with OCEANS Network since 2012. She took part in exchange program called Kelege (Kor-Eu leaders for global education) and did her exchange semester at Innsbruck University in Austria. She had one semester-long teaching practice at several secondary schools in Innsbruck, Austria. She completed her Bachelor degree in Education at Chungbuk National University in South Korea in 2014. Gyungmin is doing field research on Innovative school and is currently working at a public school in Paju city, South Korea.


Contact her: gyungmin.lee(at)

Deputy-Head of Communication

Alexandra Coffman (United States)

About Alexandra:
Alexandra Coffman has been an active OCEANS member since 2011. She is currently serving as the Deputy Communications Head and has served in past OCEANS roles including North American Coordinator and parts of transition and ESAA+ communications team. She graduated with MAs from West Virginia University and Collegium Civitas in history and international relations. She is currently employed at West Virginia University as an Extension Service Agent where she works with youth education, volunteer management, and community development. She is actively involved with youth global education within her position and is excited to again serve in an OCEANS board role. 

Contact her: alexandra.coffman(at)

Head of External Relations

External relations are all about people--adding new members to our Network, developing relationships with external stakeholders, and fostering and growing existing relations. The Head of External Relations manages a diverse group of National Representatives in an effort to recruit and retain members and ensure their ability to capitalize on the incredible value of being a part of the OCEANS Network.


Jessica Slattery (United States)

About Jessica:

Jessica joined OCEANS in 2010. Jessica received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the College of St. Benedict in Minnesota, and participated in an international exchange program through University of Notre, Dame, Australia. Thereafter, she received a Juris Doctorate from the University of St. Thomas, School of Law, Minnesota. Following a few years practicing law, Jessica returned to graduate school and received Dual Master's Degrees in International Relations and History through the Atlantis Program--a transatlantic exchange between West Virginia University, University of Tartu, Estonia, and Collegium Civitas, Poland. She currently works as a U.S. Diplomat and has served overseas in Belgium, Bangladesh, and Haiti. Jessica is currently living and working in Washington, DC, and will next serve in Paris, France.


Contact Jessica: Jessica.Slattery(at)

Head of Digital Development

The OCEANS Network, like almost any entity today, needs to exist in the digital world, and in order to accomplish this, OCEANS Network needs a team of digital experts (IT)!


Anežka Aubrechtová (Czech Republic and UK)

About Anezka:

Anežka joined OCEANS Network recently but since the time, she understood how valuable this community is for the rest of the world. She is passionate about filmmaking, photography and travelling. She was able to combine these three elements while she was studying abroad in San Francisco, California. She develops her skills not only in OCEANS but also on her independent projects. Anežka currently finishes her studies in Advertising, PR and media in London and she hopes she will be able use her passion and skills to show other students how important and valuable exchanges are. Because yes, they make totally sense!


Feel free to contact her! anezka.aubrechtova(at)

Deputy-Head of Digital Development

Andrew Lescelius

About Andrew: Andrew has been involved with the Oceans Network since 2012. He completed Bachelors and Masters degrees in Management Information Systems at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. After that, he finished a Masters in Management Communication and IT at Management Center Innsbruck in Austria. During his undergraduate studies he participated in exchange programs with the University of Agder in Kristiansand, Norway, as well as Technische Universität in Braunschweig, Germany, and the People's Friendship University in Moscow, Russia.

He is currently working in eCommerce and digital marketing.


Contact him: andrew.lescelius(at)

Head of Partnerships

To increase the impact of OCEANS-Network, new needs exist for the network. One important point is the cooperation within ESAA, but also with other Organisations.

Projects will be one of the key activities in the near future.


Nik Klaric (Slovenia)

About Nik:

Although Nik was born with a Slovene passport and has spent over three years in Asia, he considers himself a global citizen.

During his BA on Entrepreneurship, Nik went on several bilateral and ERASMUS+ academic exchange programs: he got to explore the active student life at the Kyungpook National University in South Korea and University of Alicante in Spain. Having established his own business in Slovenia, Nik later pursued MSc International business at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. In order to get a deeper insight into the international Asian markets, he spent two semester abroad, at the National Chengchi University in Taiwan and at the Xiamen University in China.

Nik has been actively involved in OCEANS Network for five years and is the former representative for the Asia region. As a strong believer in globalization and the importance of student mobility, he has established a partnership with the EU Delegation and organized two ERASMUS+ promotional and capacity building events in Taiwan.


Contact Nik: nik.klaric(at)

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