The Board and the Team Coordinators

The Board is the executive decision-making body of the OCEANS Network and has a mandate of one year. It is currently composed by 7 members: President, the Vice President and five the Heads of Teams (Communication; Community Development, Digital Development, External Relations, Partnership Management). Communications and Digital development is supported by the deputy head who is not part of the Board, but also perform an important coordinating role and substitutes the head when he/she is not present.


You can reach the whole board through: board(at)




The President is the primary leader of the OCEANS Network and brings forward the mission and vision of the Network. President has the responsibility to ensure the overall performance and regular operation of the board Structure, both internally and towards external organizations and partners.


Swati Verma


Vice President

Niamh Griffin

Head of Community Development

The OCEANS Network promotes professional and community development of its members by organising training seminars and workshops, supporting job-seekers, and fostering networking and entrepreneurial ideas. The Head of Community Development coordinates a group of active volunteers responsible for the planning and organisation of professional and community development activities. We seek to build on the experience and expertise of our own members who, through their participation in international study programmes at universities across the world, acquired valuable academic knowledge, professional skills and intercultural competencies.


Scott Darby

Communication Coordinators

Our network is doing great things and providing amazing opportunities, but all of these needs to be communicated internally, to our members, and externally to the outside world. Exchange of information is key to enable our members to access our services, events, and opportunities. Packaging catchy and informative pieces of information on social media and articles to be published online is essential for advancing the prestige of the network and for giving chance to new people to get to know about us and what we do.



Head of Communication

Uswa Alhamid

Head of Content Development

Alexandra Coffman (United States)

About Alexandra:
Alexandra Coffman has been an active OCEANS member since 2011. She is currently serving as the Deputy Communications Head and has served in past OCEANS roles including North American Coordinator and parts of transition and ESAA+ communications team. She graduated with MAs from West Virginia University and Collegium Civitas in history and international relations. She is currently employed at West Virginia University as an Extension Service Agent where she works with youth education, volunteer management, and community development. She is actively involved with youth global education within her position and is excited to again serve in an OCEANS board role. 

Contact her: alexandra.coffman(at)

International Coordinator


Marwa El Jai

Head of Projects Team

Kapal Dev

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