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Do you want to become the next President or Vice President of OCEANS?

The OCEANS Network is looking for two new leaders to represent the Erasmus+ international credit mobility students in the world and within OCEANS. Are you an Erasmus+ student or alumnus who have been on exchange outside of the EU? Or a non-European who has done an Erasmus+ exchange in Europe? Then you may be the next OCEANS Network President or Vice President.


Why apply for the President and Vice President of OCEANS?

Volunteering in OCEANS is a great chance to learn new skills, to gain some valuable working experience and, not less importantly, to meet new friends from all over the world and build up your personal network with people from all over the world.



Membership as part of the OCEANS Network, or as part of Erasmus+ international credit mobility student or alumnus is required.



This is a yearlong position with the next Annual General Meeting of OCEANS, 24th-26th April, 2020. Candidates for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency should expect to devote up to 10 hours a week to this position. The position requires frequent international travel on behalf of the organization on a relative short notice. A detailed list of the expected tasks that two leaders are expected to perform is available here for President and here for Vice-President.


Next steps

Please fill in the form at the following link by January 10th, 11:59 pm CET. If more than one person enters their candidacy, OCEANS will host an internal election to determine the next President and Vice President.


The election is expected to take place online between January 10th - 15th 2020.


Official mandate starts with the AGM 24th-26th April, 2020. You have to be available

For the period between elections and the next Annual General Meeting 2020 around late April the new Board will be supported closely by the former Board for a smooth handover.


To Apply To Be The President Of OCEANS

Please fill in this application for President


To Apply To Be The Vice-President Of OCEANS

Please fill in this application for Vice-President