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OCEANS Working Group Call

Looking for active volunteers! Join the OCEANS Network Working Group. If you’re looking to become more involved, here is the chance!

OCEANS NETWORK grows with the contribution of volunteers. If you're looking to become more involved, here is the chance!


We are looking for active volunteers to take part in one of the three working groups for OCEANS - External Relations / Partnership Management / Community Development. Working as an OCEANS volunteer means opportunity to develop personal and professional skills while working in a cross-cultural team.


We also have upcoming events where the working group can meet and will receive training related to the role, with travel scholarship included!


Apply until May 5th to receive an invitation to the ESAA General Assembly which will take place June 21-23 in Bonn, Germany. Details on the roles and responsibility, please click on the respective links below :)


We are looking forward to your participation!


National Representative (External WG)


Are you interested in becoming your country's next OCEANS National Representative? National Representatives are key external relation players who will activate our Network at the grassroots level. As National Representative, you can organize one or more OCEANS gatherings in your current city, or even launch a bigger event to make your region a key region for our Network. We're excited to hear your ideas, so if you're keen to be involved, please read on and sign up here


Partnership Management WG


Interested in fostering cooperation initiatives with ESN, EMA, and GaragErasmus? Eager to identify new partnership opportunities for the OCEANS network and develop existing ones?


Join this group if you have been to at least one ESAA event, and have knowledge about the different member organizations within ESAA. This WG will discuss different ways to strengthen OCEANS' presence under the ESAA framework and increase the cooperation between OCEANS and partner organizations. If you think this working group is for you, sign up here


Community Development WG


OCEANS is seeking to develop a working group which will be responsible for developing and organising workshops and training seminars for OCEANS members in various subject areas. Join this group if you believe in lifelong learning, and have passion for implementing different education & training events. If you think you're the one, sign up here