THE OCEANS Box - an experiment

by Georgiana Mihut

In the last three years I have gained a lot from OCEANS Network, I met Valeri, who still has a sparkle in his eyes and inspires us, Ben, who managed to hold us together beautifully, Kathleen, who became a model of success for me, Kristie, which was a great support, Filippo, who will hopefully make it big one day and not forget about us, Daniel, who was a great recourse, and there are more: composed Herald, ambitious Alin, charming Valerio, beautiful Elena, Rachel, Maja and Natalia, hilarious Floris and Peter, Masahibo and Ryota, who are doing great research...

And there are so many more!

OCEANS is about people. That is why I came up with this idea.

So here it goes

I have three boxes to send around. They are the OCEANS Boxes, they come in green and blue and they carry a small gift - maybe for you.

My suggestion is to pass the Box further to an OCEANER that is dear to you containing a small sincere gift. Add something to the note paper in the box, at least your name and the city. The next receiver can track back in which countries the Box has already been.

When you receive the box, tell us all about it, not only add your town to our special map below but also share your experience in our forum. Feel free to leave a card, or a note for the entire community. We will collect all the notes and present them at our next AGM.

The experiment is simple and does not cost too much, but it could enrich our Network and the connection between you and the people you care about, so do not let the Box die when it gets in your hands!

Now: think briefly about your connections, the OCEANERS you care about and you are very much looking forward to seeing at our next AGM.

You would also like to recieve a gift - tell the other OCEANERS in our community

In brief

1. Update your address on our website, so people can find you.
2. Wait for the box, enjoy your gift!
3. Update the OCEANS BOX Google map.
4. Add something to the note in the box.
5. Pass it forward! Someone that you care about, or would like to establish a stronger connection with would be very happy to receive the box.
6. Do not spend more than 10 Euro for the gift. The exercise is not about money!
7. Tell us about your OCEANS Box encounter on our website!
8. If the Box you sent stops moving around, encourage the person you sent it to to pass it forward!

This is just one of many opportunities to connect with members of the OCEANS Network.

Questions and Answers

Q: You have received and don't know what to do?

A: Add your town to the Google maps, tell us about the Box in our forum and send it to your best OCEANS friend, including a small gift.

Q: You don't want to wait any longer and would like to start your own Box?

A: Go for it - and tell us about it in our community.

Q: You would like to send the Box overseas, but the postage costs are too high?

A: Contact us at service(at) and we will see what we can do for you. – We cannot guarantee to reimburse the costs as sometimes the transaction overseas are higher than the costs themselves, but we will try to find an individual solution (.i.e. Combine the reimbursement of the postage costs with the reimbursement of travel costs to one of our OCEANS events).

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