OCEANS Structure Within ESAA

OCEANS is a member organisation of ESAA (Erasmus+ Student & Alumni Association) along with several other networks. The reason is that each network has members who experienced a certain type of mobility.




Overview Of ESAA


There are three types of mobility in regards to Erasmus+: Undergraduate Credit Mobility, meaning the student studied at an exchange university and received credits toward an undergraduate degree. Next is Degree Mobility, meaning their exchange resulted in a degree from another university. And the third type of mobility is Internship Mobility, meaning the student is eligible to have an internship in an exchange country.




ESAA Membership Organisations


The OCEANS Network is a Student & Alumni Network for Erasmus International Credit Mobility between EU (called "Programme") and Non-EU (called "Partner") countries.



ESAA Programme Countries (click to enlarge)
ESAA Partner Countries (click to enlarge)


In order to be eligible for ESAA funding, a student or alumni must be in one of the member organisations.

If you have any questions or need more clarification about the structure, please feel free to send requests for more information to service(at)oceans-network.eu or ask in the OCEANS Going Global Facebook group.


Or to join OCEANS, follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.