About us

OCEANS Network - the Organisation for Cooperation Exchange And Networking among Students - offers a platform for establishing new friendships, cooperation and understanding among all people involved in the exchange projects.

The Network fosters the exchange of international experiences, transfer of knowledge and also professional development by creating long-lasting link and provided access to intercultural and practical information on all participating countries.

OCEANS Network
is run by the students and alumni themselves with the help of a service provider company. The Network is funded by the European Commission.

On the website you can read the news, ask questions fellow students questions via message boards, find students from the same project that you participated in, peers from your country or fellow students studying in the same city as you. The website is constantly updated and new features are added. OCEANS website is an excellent networking instrument, make a use of it!

As a member you can join workshops, conferences and higher education fairs all over the world. You can win travel scholarships by participating, for example, in one of the video or photo competitions, or simply by supporting actively the network. You want to know more about upcoming activities, please click here.

Members of the OCEANS Network do not only benefit from the community, but are also welcome to shape it. There is a regular call for proposals (Organise your own event) where you can present your idea of a workshop, seminar, meeting or any type of activity that you would like to engage in with other members and receive some financial support from the Network.

The Network offers you a perfect forum for creativity and action.

To become a member, go to this page.


OCEANS AGM, Berlin, Germany, July 2013
Pre-Departure event, Daegu, South Korea, May 2013
OCEANS for beginners, Munich, Germany, February 2013