The Wave is the Official Magazine of OCEANS Network, aimed at supporting international education by sharing intercultural knowledge together with many academic, professional and practical information.

The Magazine Team

The Magazine is shaped by the contribution of many international-minded people with different academic backgrounds. The team includes students and alumni from the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea, but it is also open to other people both within and outside the OCEANS Network.

The work of the contributors is directed and coordinated by the Magazine Coordinator with the assistance of the Project Manager and the Graphic Designer.


Join our team and get you published!

You can contribute in shaping the Magazine both by writing an article or sending a picture. The best contributors will gain not only the pleasure to get themselves published, but also the chance to win a scholarship for one of the many OCEANS activities.

Are you interested? Here some ideas for the contents:

  •  Have you ever had any international experience that taught you to overcome social, cultural or economic misunderstanding and you feel like sharing it?
  •  Is your academic or professional story inspiring and worth to be known?
  • Do you have a unique travel report or some practical tips about a city or Country that you find useful to spread?
  • Have you gained some knowledge in a topic that you find interesting to share with your fellows?
  • Have you participated to a conference, seminar or workshop that enriched you and hence you would like to enrich back the OCEANS community?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions above, just write about one of the topics.

Also, any other creative idea is more than welcome!

Don’t hesitate to submit your article or picture, we are looking for your unique perspective!

For any information or suggestion, please contact us.

The Magazine Coordinator

Hi, I am Melania, the current editor of The Wave!

I’m responsible for coordinating all the phases of the Magazine realization, including collecting, selecting and editing articles.

I’m working at my best to design a new issue that can be as much interesting, valuable and useful as possible for members and readers.

But a successful outcome also depends on good team work. I’m really thankful to all those who are willing to work with me and contribute in sharing their experience and contents for the next issue.

Guidelines for articles
  • Word file (.doc or .docx) with the title as your file name.

  • Within the text, include: your name, nationality, field of study, university, and eventually graduation year.

  • Please keep your word count below 1,000.

  • Submit your article to the Magazine Team

Requirements for photos
  • High quality (300 dpi)

  • You must be the sole owner to the rights of the photo (in other words, you took it). Please be aware of any possible legal infringement (for example: needing the consent of any persons in your picture).

  • Please note, only one photo per participant can be accepted.