26.10.2015 22:13 Age: 4 yrs

Erasmus+ promotion in North America (first part)

Alex represents OCEANS Network and ESAA one more time in West Virginia. The second part of the event will take place November 9th.

Last Friday OCEANS Network in cooperation with Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association hosted a booth at West Virginia University in the United States in order to promote and educate students and faculty about the new Erasmus+ programme and opportunities it has to offer for USA’ students and staff.

The event was co-organised with the West Virginia University Office of International Programs (OIP), who has successfully established partnerships with European universities in Hungary, Italy, and Estonia. A staff member from the OIP office also manned the booth with our volunteer Alex Coffman for any questions about the new programmes and how to apply. Many students and foreign language faculty stopped by to get a free biscotti and chat about the programmes and what Erasmus+, OCEANS and ESAA are all about.

The second part of the event will take place November 9th, when we’ll be showing the film "L'auberge espagnole" with an ESAA/OCEANS Network informational session beforehand and a studying abroad discussion afterward. A few prizes are awaiting, make sure to join if you are in the area!