29.11.2018 12:40 Age: 14 days

ESAA Projects Open Call - November 2018

The first round of ESAA funding to promote and support Erasmus and Erasmus students is now available.

The OCEANS board wants to support our members in increasing the visibility of Erasmus in Erasmus programme and partner countries.

We welcome all of you to join us in this goal and encourage you to apply to the fund to run the programme that your country or university needs, be it a local school outreach programme, a pre-departure, an arrivals event, to name a few.


To be eligible to apply, you must be an OCEANS member who has completed a credit mobility exchange between an Erasmus programme country and partner country. (If you would like to join, we invite you to fill out this form)


You can learn more about the Open Call by downloading the attached file.

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