03.04.2017 20:17 Age: 2 yrs

Oceans Network welcomes its new President!

The result of the elections for the new President of the Oceans Network saw Scott Darby as the winner.

A few words about him:


<<Dear OCEANS Network let me introduce myself; I am Scott Darby for those who don't know me I have a passion for helping others.

This is why I studied my Masters in Arid Lands and co-founded an NGO that is restoring degraded lands in Somalia. I want to bring this same philosophy to the Presidency of the OCEANS Network and work to build a community that helps and supports each of us and also helps the organisation grow and develop.

We are still a very young organisation and we have a lot of potential and I want to help realise that potential.>>


And, his presidential message to the network:


<< I would like to thank the OCEANS community for electing me the President of the OCEANS network. I look forward to serving the community and growing our membership. >>


Congratulations Scott!