Membership Benefits For Alumni, Students and for Universities and International Studies Departments

OCEANS focuses on achieving its mission by focusing on providing the following:



Membership Benefits for Alumni
  • Connect with potential business and professional contacts within OCEANS and other Erasmus+ networks
  • Develop Professional Skills
  • Contribute to the Cause of Global Mobility
  • Participate in Workshops for Free
  • Build communication/soft skills 
  • Build Technical skills
  • Find out about new job opportunities around the world
  • Seek out mentors or become a mentor in a given field
  • Find potential interns who will gain valuable experience working with you
  • Participate in conversations with a large group of highly-educated globally-focused and make a difference
  • Meet potential business partners from different countries
  • Develop your cross cultural communication skills
  • Receive Travel cost reimbursement (with active participation)
  • Build your CV and showcase your international experience to employers
  • Volunteering opportunity to push your comfort zone and learn new skills
  • Participate in OCEANS Annual General Meetings
  • Make new friends
  • Receive Travel Vouchers for participating in events
  • Find out about opportunities for exclusive events from other ESAA Member organisations

Membership Benefits for Students



  • Way to get funding for projects that help your community or projects to share your experiences with others
  • Join a global network of like minded people
  • Get funding opportunities for your university international students club
  • Network while studying in the university exchange country
  • Stay connected with globally-focused people after returning home
  • Participate or run Pre-departure seminars at your university
  • Seek out mentors in your degree field
  • Gain new skills and improve your employability
  • Develop your cross-cultural communication skills
  • Refine your global mindset Get access to people who can show you travel spots only the locals in your exchange country know about
  • Participate in seminars, trainings and workshops to strengthen your educational experience
  • Reimbursed costs for active participation in OCEANS events
  • Make new friends and connections face-to-face
  • Build relationships with graduates who could be important contacts for jobs or future work projects
  • Find people who are in the network when you move to a new area
  • Find out about opportunities for exclusive events from other ESAA and organisations
  • Connect with professors in your degree program around the world
  • Gain new cultural perspectives and experiences


Membership Benefits for Universities / International Departments


  • Provide students a platform for networking and information sharing that is backed by the European Commission
  • OCEANS can help universities to create promotional materials/events for international mobility (ex. Testimonials, videos, etc)
  • Gain access to funding opportunities for events for students like pre-departure meetings
  • Connect with new partner universities for future exchanges in new regions of the world
  • Get up-to-date information about international initiatives and projects
  • Increase your visibility and international exposure to potential students
  • Help improve students' employability by preparing students for a global marketplace



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