The OCEANS Network is a Student & Alumni Network for Erasmus International Credit Mobility between EU (called "Programme") and Non-EU (called "Partner") countries.

Erasmus+ Programme Countries Map (click to expand)
Erasmus+ Partner Countries Map (click to expand)

Activities of the OCEANS Network:

Promote international students' exchange

Support exchange students before, during and after their trip

Encourage international communication and collaboration

Develop our members' skills

Improve our members' employment prospects

Evaluate the benefits of exchange projects

Become a National Representative

Do you want to become involved as a representative in your local/national community and represent OCEANS there, please send your application to board(at)oceans-network(dot)eu.


While this position requires a high level of commitment, it is an incredibly rewarding opportunity to serve as an ambassador for global mobility, knowledge exchange and cultural dialogue. We have left the application process intentionally fairly open in order to allow applicants some flexibility in how they would like to best express their passion for the organization.