25.07.2013 13:57 Age: 6 yrs

OCEANS and EMA members meet in Lisbon for the INIE Conference 2013

On the 17th and 18th of June, 45 OCEANS and EMA members as well as external participants with an interest in education met in Lisbon for the International Network of Innovators in Education Conference (INIE). INIE is one of the selected REALISE IT 2012 projects. The conference, which aimed to be both an intellectual encounter between educationalists and a networking event, focused on four main topics:

(1) Leadership, Policy and Management, (2) Diversity, Equality and Social Justice, (3) Technology, Media ad Innovation and (4) Theory and Practice in Teaching and Learning. Two workshops were organized focused on e-learning course development and social economy.


Three speakers, Jessica Slattery Karich, Georgiana Mihut, and Agne Rapalaite, and two observers, Roy Mayler and Anna Stief, represented OCEANS-Network at the event. All OCEANS participants received scholarships from the network to support their attendance at the INIE Conference.

For more details and pictures from the event, visit the INIE facebook group or e-mail the organizers at inie(a)em-a.eu.

By Georgiana Mihut.