18.07.2013 15:09 Age: 6 yrs

OCEANS CB Meeting in Berlin

Just one day before the 4th AGM in Berlin, on July 4th, the Coordinating Board met for the third time in their mandate. It was more of a preparatory meeting before the AGM, discussing mainly about the details of the event. But the Board has also come up with some important changes related to the New Board Elections and “Organise your own event”


Changes in Board Positions

The Events Coordinator has now become the Professional Development Coordinator, with some new tasks such as organising an online career fair, as well as other training programs that will strengthen the professional development of the network.


Call for New Board Elections

The Board also discussed on how to best present the role of each coordinator for the call of the New Board. It was everybody’s desire that members applying for the positions would be aware of the type of commitment required. Each Board member went through the benefits, responsibilities, and requirements that their position entails, in order for the new board applicants to be well informed before applying.


Ways to Promote Organise Your Own Event

Moreover, in order to stimulate more members to apply for the Organise your own event scheme, the board has decided to become more flexible with the minimum amount of members, and maximum cap of reimbursement, where funding of events proposed by members will be decided case by case. This means that the members are not responsible to fill the minimum number of participants and are free to apply for events that are bigger than what they were limited to. For the approved event proposals, the Coordinating Board will be working with the applicant for the promotion of the event within the network.


Upcoming Handover Meeting with the New Board

The Board also went through the organisation of the Handover Meeting planned on the 20th-21st of September in Brussels, the moment in which the old Coordinating Board meets the newly elected coordinators of OCEANS. It was decided that there will be a session in which the Coordinators can all meet informally, talk with the old Board and learn from their experiences.


Needless to say, we encourage you all to apply for a position within the CB; it’s been a lot of fun and we’ve definitely learned a lot!