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Call for 2020 Board Members

Announcing the 2020 Call for OCEANS Working Group Heads The OCEANS Network is looking for new leaders to represent the International Credit Mobility students and alumni around the world and at the ESAA...


Announcing the 2020 Call for OCEANS Working Group Heads

The OCEANS Network is looking for new leaders to represent the International Credit Mobility students and alumni around the world and at the ESAA level.

These positions will be on the OCEANS Board and will be the head of a team of volunteers.

As a side note, the call for the 2020 President and Vice-President is also open. For more details visit this page.

Official mandatestarts with the AGM 24th-26th April, 2020. Applying for these roles you must be available for the handover meeting 23rd-24th April. You may apply for multiple positions.


1. International Coordinator

Are you passionate about OCEANS’ worldwide expansion, and already have good network with higher education institutions and potential partners around the world? Then join this team (Also called the National/Regional Representatives) and help raise awareness of OCEANS internationally.


Role & Responsibilities (What help is needed):

  • Contact with universities (university staffs, intl student clubs)
  • Contacting partner organizations for outreach and building relationships 
  • Managing and contacting regional coordinators (country representatives)
  • Developing organizational strategies

2. Projects

Join this group if you want support ESAA projects & AGM organization.


Role & Responsibilities (What help is needed):

  • Be a point of contact where members can discuss potential ideas and act as a sounding board
  • Review applications and offer advice
  • Review which applications are successful and use this help guide other members
  • Organisation of webinars for ESAA project writing (Including FAQ)

3. Community Development 

Join this group if you believe in lifelong learning and have a passion for implementing different education & training programs for the network. This working group will plan different training workshops for OCEANS members in various subject areas and will also work closely with the board and manage OCEANS’ flagship event- Annual General Meeting (AGM).


Role & Responsibilities (What help is needed):

  • Support OCEANS events, networking, and membership & volunteer training
  • Engage with members and find out what support they need
  • Contact universities and other bodies to make them aware of us and recruit new members
  • Work with the board to organize AGM 2021

4. Communications 

Passionate about creating engaging posts to promote OCEANS internationally? You’re interested in the latest social media tools and want to challenge yourself making OCEANS’ social media channel more visual and interactive, this working group is for you!


Role & Responsibilities (What help is needed):

  • Promotion of OCEANS, Erasmus+, international mobility on social media
  • Manage membership requests at OCEANS going global page -- check eligibilit
  • Daily management of OCEANS social media channels
  • Promoting OCEANS events and activities via SNS
  • Manage visual (photo & video) assets of the network

5. Content Development

As a newly developed working group, this team will be responsible for publishing webinars, streamed video, and written content (Called the OCEANS Docks) for the OCEANS website. We are looking for talented story-tellers to develop topics and ideas that will resonate with our members and help launch various digital led initiatives. You don’t need to be an IT expert to join. OCEANS website, community and all the tools connected to the organization are managed by this WG.


Role & Responsibilities (What help is needed):

  • Configure and manage content on the Oceans community website
  • Configure and manage the voting tools
  • Configure and manage the Newsletter tools
  • Create the Newsletter
  • Keep the Oceans website up to date, create new articles to be shared via social media channels by the communications work group:
    This includes articles, photos, videos, as well as any other type of content
  • Scout for new tools


Why Apply For These Positions?

Volunteering in OCEANS is a great possibility to learn new skills, gain valuable experience and build up your personal network with high performing people from around the world.



Membership of the OCEANS Network by being an International Credit Mobility student or alumnus is required.


Next steps

Please fill in the form at the following link by  January 10th, 2020 11:59 pm CET.

The OCEANS Board will select new Board Members and the selected candidates will be notified in January and will be introduced to the OCEANS Network.

Official mandate is expected to begin with the AGM 24th-26th April, 2020 to align with the OCEANS Annual General Meeting 2020.

For the period between elections and the next Annual General Meeting 2020 (24th-26th April, 2020) the new Board Members will be supported closely by the former Board for a smooth handover.

To Apply for a Position:

Please fill in this application

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