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Erasmus+ Training on Effective Fundraising Strategies

On 17-20 March 2022, over 20 Erasmus+ students and alumni from Asia, Africa and Europe gathered in Cairo, Egypt to learn about fundraising and the various sources of funding that can…

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OCEANS Virtual Handover meeting 2022/23

On February 19, 2022, the OCEANS handover meeting for the 2022/23 mandate period was held, and outgoing and incoming OCEANS members shared their plans, ideas, and thoughts on the…

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Erasmus+ Fundraising Training, Call for participants

This event is designed to give participants insight into different fundraising sources and strategies for developing new Erasmus+ related activities in their country.

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2022-01-07NewsTop News

Call for OCEANS Working Groups/Teams 2022/23

This is a great opportunity for OCEANS members to participate in the administrative and orientation structure of the community. There are 5 working groups consisting of International…

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It is essential to have a welcoming and safe space of reintegration right after a mobility abroad in order to resettle and get back in our home community with a positive attitude and healthy mindset. And that's what OCEANS gave me

Hans Kevin Madanguit – Philippines
Mobility, France 2011/12

I strongly believe in the transformative power of immersive international experiences and global dialogue on a human level. When lives are transformed through international experiences, these transformed lives can change the world.

Jessica Slattery – USA
Mobility, Estonia/Poland 2010/12

Every time I take part in an OCEANS event, every time I meet people from OCEANS, every time I talk to my OCEANS friends... I feel like an energetic, stimulating and positive wave has caught me.

Alfredo Ciccarelli – Italy
Mobility, USA 2008/09

I joined OCEANS to connect with others studying abroad. At OCEANS I found like-minded people who have supported me in my travels, my studies and helped me grow as a person. Studying abroad can be hard and OCEANS helps make it easier and I'm keen to support other exchange students as I have been supported.

Scott Darby – UK
Erasmus, USA 2013