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2023-12-18 News Events

OCEANS Network Board Meeting in Warsaw

The OCEANS Board Meeting was attended by members of the board from the 3rd to the 6th of November 2023, at Mercure Warszawa Grand Hotel, Warsaw.

Donaldson Chima Ofoha

The OCEANS Board Meeting, which was held in Warsaw, Poland, was attended on-site by the seven members of the Board. Also in on-site attendance was the Service Provider.

Friday the 3rd of November was arrival day for the Board members, which was followed by an internal networking dinner in the evening. Day One of the meeting, Saturday 4th November, began with a welcome and an overview of the agenda, which was followed by the preparation of the President and Vice President elections. Day One of the meeting continued with a joint session with the Erasmus Mundus Association and was wrapped up with an external networking dinner. Day Two, Sunday 5th November, which started with a welcome and overview of the agenda, featured discussions on the preparation of the Heads of Department Elections & finally, the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). In accordance with the meeting agenda, the EGM, which was an online meeting, was attended by 35 OCEANS members who voted for the OCEANS statutes. The voting result was announced by the Board via the OCEANS Network's social media and online Community platforms. The Board Meeting ended with an internal networking dinner.

The Board Meeting Participants include:

Board Members:

Farouk Kouider Moussaou - President

Phillipe Sessou - Vice President

Donaldson Chima Ofoha - Head, Communications

Custody Chikambure - Head, Projects

Ihem Bendahmane - Head, Community Development

Carlos Alberto LinoFilho - Head, Content Development

Mohammed Ashqur - Head, International Coordinator.


Service Provider:

Anna Deviatko - Community Manager

Patricia Morales Sanchez - Senior Manager



Donaldson Chima Ofoha

Edited by the Service Provider

Nigeria, Enugu, 10th December, 2023

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