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2024-04-21 News

OCEANS Network Handover Meeting in Türkiye Emphasises Strategic Planning and Collaboration

Istanbul, Türkiye – The OCEANS Network convened in Istanbul on 20-21 April for a crucial handover meeting, setting the stage for strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts in the 2024-2025 term. The meeting was highlighted by comprehensive discussions and activities aimed at advancing the network's goals and enhancing its impact.

Key activities included:

  1. Review of Annual Report: Members examined the achievements and challenges of the previous year, providing a foundation for future planning and improvements.
  2. Introduction of Annual Work Plan: The new leadership introduced a comprehensive plan outlining strategic objectives and operational priorities for the upcoming term.
  3. Implementation of Network Maturity Matrix: A pivotal tool aimed at enhancing organisational efficiency and effectiveness across various operational domains was presented and discussed.

Participants included:

Incoming OCEANS Board:

  • Samir Beharic, President
  • Leila Benabdallah, Vice-president
  • Luan Monteiro, Head of Internal Affairs
  • Ilhem Bendahmane, Head of Community Development
  • Yassine Zarouk, Head of Projects
  • Mohammed Ashqar, Head of International Coordination
  • Carlos Lino, Head of Communications

Outgoing OCEANS Board:

  • Farouk Kouider Moussaoui, Former President
  • Donaldson Chima Ofoha, Former Head of Communications

The meeting concluded with a ceremonial handover, symbolising continuity and innovation under the new leadership's guidance. The OCEANS Network reaffirmed its commitment to fostering international cooperation and community development through collaborative initiatives and strategic partnerships.


Türkiye, Istanbul, 20-21 April 2024
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