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Call for OCEANS Working Groups/Teams 2022/23

This is a great opportunity for OCEANS members to participate in the administrative and orientation structure of the community. There are 5 working groups consisting of International Coordinator, Projects, Community Development, Communications and Content Development for which you can apply as a member.

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OCEANS members, this is for you!

The OCEANS Network is looking for new leaders to represent the International Credit Mobility students and alumni around the world. This is also a great opportunity to become the member of the main board.
Deadline for application is 19th January 2022 10 am CET.
To become the heads of the teams that serve on the main board along with the president and vice president, you must first apply to be a member of your favourite team, and then the members of each team will internally select the heads of their teams. You can choose your favourite team from the list in the application. While filling the application, you can also choose another team that you are interested in if your first choice has many applicants and the other teams may have vacancies that need to be filled.

Teams Include:  
1. International Coordinator
Are you passionate about OCEANS’ worldwide expansion, and already have good networks with higher education institutions and potential partners around the world? Then join lead this team and help raise awareness of OCEANS internationally. (Also includes the National/Regional Representatives)
2. Projects
Join this group if you want to lead the team that applies for and manages projects on an international level as well as supporting the AGM organisation.
3. Community Development 
Apply for this position if you believe in lifelong learning and have a passion for implementing different education & training programs for the network. This working group will plan different training workshops for OCEANS members in various subject areas and will also work closely with the board and manage OCEANS’ flagship event- Annual General Meeting (AGM).
4. Communications 
Passionate about creating engaging posts to promote OCEANS internationally? You’re interested in the latest social media tools and want to challenge yourself making OCEANS’ social media channel more visual and interactive, this working group is for you!
5. Content Development
This team is responsible for publishing webinars, streamed video, and written content for the OCEANS website. We are looking for talented storytellers to develop topics and ideas that will resonate with our members and help launch various digital led initiatives. You don’t need to be an IT expert to join.

Find more details on each team here!

Why Apply for These Positions?
Volunteering in OCEANS is a great chance to learn new skills, to gain some valuable working experience and make a difference by helping OCEANS advance as an international organisation. Of course, it is also an opportunity to meet new friends and build up your personal network with people from around the world. 

Applicants must be official members of the OCANS community and have activated their profile on the OCEANS community portal. 
OCEANS community portal link:

Applicants willing to be a candidate for the Head of Team position, need to be an active member of the Team for at least 2 months. The election for the Head of Team is an internal process at the level of the Team. However, if the position of the Head of Team is not filled by a Team­ elected representative, the Board has the right to appoint a person for the position.

Next steps
Please click on the link below and fill the application form by 19 January 2022, 10 am CET. Please note that the application is published on the OCEANS community portal and to have access to the form via the link below, you need to log into the community portal.

Start of the mandate 
Official mandate for the selected leaders/heads of each team is expected to begin with the handover meeting in Feb 2022. The handover meeting is planned for late February 2022 and during the transition period, the new members will be supported closely by the former board for any issues that may arise.

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