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OCEANS conducted a webinar on How to Develop a winning Project Proposal

On the 12th and 13th of August, Custody Chikambure, the Head of Projects in OCEANS, conducted a webinar titled "How to Develop a Winning Project Proposal." The meeting brought together members from all OCEANS working groups.

Custody Chikambure

The main goal of the webinar was to demonstrate how members can utilise different methods and skills to create a compelling document that will attract funding for their projects. The training encompassed all stages of project implementation, from ideation to sustainability.

During his presentation, Custody emphasised the importance of understanding what the donor is looking for. For instance, reading the Funding Announcement Guidelines is one of the first crucial steps, which is often overlooked by organizations and only considered shortly before submitting the proposal. These guidelines clearly specify the eligibility criteria, format requirements, deadline, budgetary information, page limits, and documents to be submitted, which are the pillars of a successful proposal.

Additionally, conducting background research on the donor to understand the nature of past projects that have been successfully funded is crucial. Once this research is completed, individuals can begin working on their proposals.

This and much more information was covered in the webinar. Don't miss out on future OCEANS opportunities to enhance your skills!


Custody Chikambure

Harare, Zimbabwe, 14th of August 2023 


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