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Oceans Network Hand over Board meeting

Oceans handover board meeting was attended by both outgoing and incoming board members on 01-03 April, 2023 at Intercity Hotel, Mainz, Germany, to ensure a smooth handover process and discuss the overall progress of the network.

Donaldson Chima Ofoha

Oceans Hand over Board Meeting which held in Mainz, Germany witnessed the attendance of both outgoing and incoming board members. Also in attendance was the AGM task force members, Oceans ESAA liaison person, the Service Provider: Patricia Moralez Sanchez who is the Senior Manager Mosaic accompanied by Mr Mark and Gabrielle Apollos Oceans Community Manager.

The meeting which began with a welcome and overview of agenda also featured team building and communication workshop on Saturday, 01 April, was motivating for both outgoing and incoming board members. The meeting continued on day 2 with discussions and a general overview of Oceans Network activities. These discussions focused on available opportunities for Oceans Network Members, challenges of the Network and also a recount of Oceans Network achievements others includes take over the mandate, handover and exchange of practical information’s, monthly online board meetings, introduction of the annual work plan, rules of engagement, Introduction of SP and EACEA/DG EAC, Oceans Status update, ESAA updates and AGM updates.

The incoming Board members are:

    Farouk Kouider Moussaoui - President 2023-2024
    Philippe Sessou - Vice President 2023-2024
    Donaldson Chima Ofoha - Head of Communications 2023-2024
    Carlos Alberto Lino Filho - Head of Content Development 2023-2024
    Ilhem Bendahmane - Head of Community Development 2023-2024
    Custody Chikambure - Head of Projects 2023-2024
    Mohammed Ashqar - Head of International Coordination 2023-2024

The Oceans Hand over Board meeting ended with a Wrap-up and issuance of certificates to the outgoing Board.


Donaldson Chima Ofoha

Edited by the Service Provider

Nigeria, Enugu, 4.19.2023

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