Rahmat Putra Yudha

Candidate for the position as “Vice – President” 


Tell us about yourself and what you are currently dedicating your time towards?  

I am Rahmat Putra Yudha who is from Indonesia which lives in Borneo Island in Equator line named Pontianak. I am teacher and also lecturer in some campuses in Indonesia. I would like to apply this position due to my previous socials event about Erasmus such as helping people by giving free training how to prepare the application of Erasmus mundus. 


Do you have any previous experience with OCEANS and if so in what capacity?  

I am the International Coordinator of OCEANS which organizes the national representative for OCEANS all over the world. This role makes me have networking to other members of Oceans. The International Coordinator organizes and enhances the strategies that build the awareness of the existence of OCEANS. Now, there are 14 National Representatives in 14 countries. 


What motivates you to apply for this position?  

I would like to Improve OCEANS’ collaboration in events which can engage people to further develop the organization’s vision and mission. As we know many members are not active. So, in my opinion, building motivation for joining OCEANS and activation of current members will be the important issue. Beside of Promoting the European education, serving members by conducting academic events such as webinar and workshop will be my concern. 


What skills and qualities can you bring to this position?  

I expect to improve my networking in OCEANS. This position requires communication skill and collaboration skill. Because being a leader or vice leader is not a boss. This role is expected to be able to engage people to do organization mission and vision. The mission of the organization should belong to all members. So, the leader must be able to bring organization to feel like a home. 


What are your plans and ideas for the future of OCEANS?  

This organization gives a lot of experiences and also international networking which is important to build the relationship among alumni. By applying this role, I am able to have responsibility to serve all member with a lot of benefits. The benefit should be practically applied to the members both carrier and skills. Organization must play a role in connecting alumni. The connecting can be designing a consortium or group of their home campus.