Tedo Sharadenidze

Candidate for the position as “President” 


Tell us about yourself and what you are currently dedicating your time towards?  

I am a 23-year-old postgraduate student (and a published author) from Georgia, currently working in the field of education. I studied at the faculty of English philology in Georgia and at the faculty of philosophy and letters in Spain (as an Erasmus student). I am actively involved in different kinds of campaigns (some of which have been started by me and my friends from underdeveloped countries - "Stop Hate Crimes Through Storytelling") promoting peace and equality for all.  


Do you have any previous experience with OCEANS and if so in what capacity?  

I have been a member of OCEANS for almost two years. Recently, I have enrolled on Self-initiative Leadership course that was organized by OCEANS.  
Sadly, I had to drop out because of the shift in UTC.  


What motivates you to apply for this position?  

The thing that motives me the most to apply for this position is the tremendous opportunities this platform offers. I have been advocating things I passionately believe in my whole life and being offered the chance to lend my voice to issues close to my heart is my main drive.  


What skills and qualities can you bring to this position?  

Owing to my deep belief that the youth do have the power to shape the future, I believe that my experience and personal qualities are a perfect match for this position. Engaging the youth in the work towards fulfilling SDGs is our shared responsibility, and nothing makes me more passionate than organizing meetings to raise the youth's awareness about the importance of their involvement in decision making and some other processes crucial for their personal and professional development. Therefore, my drive and enthusiasm to build on the work of others, to collaborate with the youth, to motivate and inspire to act (which is something I do very often as a writer) would be great assets to OCEANS. 


What are your plans and ideas for the future of OCEANS?  

My plans for the future of OCEANS are to focus on climate change, hate crimes and youth involvement. As an educator, I know how important it is for people from the underdeveloped countries to feel heard and understood. That is why I often give free sessions on creative writing, ways to fight hate, the importance of education and SDGs. Also, I am interested in revitalizing the OCEANS platform and inviting more Erasmus students to take advantage of it.