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OCEANS Presidential elections 2021: run-off ballot starts today!

Based on the result that none of the three Presidential candidates received the simple majority of all votes in the first round, a run-off ballot for the next OCEANS President starts today at 3 PM CET.

Kimberly Schilitz and Anne Noe on behalf of the Service Provider

After closing the first round of the OCEANS elections 2021, we are announcing that the Presidential elections 2021 aren’t yet decided!

As none of our three candidates received the simple majority in the first round and our candidates Swati Verma and Kenny Bayudan both received exactly the same amount of votes (final results: Koffi Felicien Sery: 6.7%, Swati Verma: 46.7 %, Kenny Bayudan 46.7%), we are going directly to the run-off ballot between these two candidates (in accordance with the OCEANS Rules of Procedures)


The run-off ballot for the next OCEANS President opened today, 26 January 2021 at 3 PM CET and will close on Monday, 1st of February 2021 at 10 AM CET.


Just as in the first round, all registered OCEANS members can vote in the OCEANS online community. The procedure is exactly the same and you will also receive a newsletter with more instructions today.


For more detailed information please also read here.


We thank all the voters and are curious who will become the next OCEANS President in 2021!


Germany, Cologne, 26 January 2021 

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