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Upcoming OCEANS elections 2021: important information

The OCEANS Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections 2021 are starting on Tuesday, 19 January 10 AM CET and closing on Tuesday, 26 January 2021 12 PM CET. OCEANS members can cast their vote in the online community!

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Who can vote?

All registered OCEANS members

(If you are not a member of OCEANS yet, unfortunately, it is now too late to take part in the elections – but we warmly invite you to become an OCEANS member so you can take part in future elections)


Who are the candidates of the OCEANS elections 2021?


Presidential candidates of the OCEANS elections 2021:

Swati Verma

Kenny Bayudan

Sery Koffi Felicien


Vice-Presidential candidates of the OCEANS elections 2021

Farouk Kouider Moussaoui

Rahmat Putra Yudha


When do the OCEANS elections 2021 take place?

Opening: Tue, 19 January 2021 - 10 AM CET

Closing: Tue, 26 January 2021 - 12 PM CET


How can you take part in the OCEANS elections 2021?

The voting will take place in the OCEANS online community. Please log into your account and go to Voting list in the right menu. Both the voting for the President and the voting for the Vice-President will show up in the list (note: they will only appear from Tuesday, 19 January 10 AM CET onwards!!). Choose your favourite candidate – DONE!


Attention: Do not forget to cast your vote in both votings!


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