The Board

The Board is the executive decision-making body of the OCEANS Network and has a mandate of one year. It is currently composed by 7 members: President, the Vice President and 5 team members: International Coordinator, Projects, Community Development, Communications, Content Development. The working groups Communications and Content Development will work and coordinate closely together. For the different roles, please see here.

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The President is the primary leader of the OCEANS Network and brings forward the mission and vision of the Network. He has the responsibility to ensure the overall performance and regular operation of the Board Structure, both internally and towards external organizations and partners.

Vice President

The Vice-President is the leader of the international development strategy. She shares with the President the role of external representative towards external stakeholders and supports the President in ensuring the overall performance of the network, both internally and externally.

International Coordinator

An English study graduate student, with a Master of Arts - focused in Language, communication & Society from Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University-Fes, Morocco. I did my Erasmus+ mobility during my second year BA, and since then. My scientific research is mainly on Quality Assurance in Higher Educational Institutions and how to implement it in the MENA region, additionally, I am interested in youth global education, improving quality and building capacities all over the world, meeting the SDGs. I got introduced to OCEANS Network throughout the ESAA workshop held in Morocco, where I met Neringa Tuthankamenaite and Isabelle Eberz. I am the Secretary General of the Erasmus Morocco Network, a project officer at Erasmus Global Partnerships, a GaragErasmus member, an Enactor, an ASAF member, and a Red Cross & Red Crescent volunteer.


The International Coordinator develops organisational strategies that help raise awareness of OCEANS internationally. Marwa El Jaï is being supported by OCEANS 14 National Representatives. Together they work on building valuable and long-standing relationships with partner organisations, universities and international student clubs.

Head of Projects Team

Kapal Dev is a Research Fellow with the CONNECT Centre, School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin. He was awarded the PhD degree by Politecnico di Milano, Italy in July 2019. His research interests include Blockchain, 5G beyond Networks and Artificial Intelligence. Previously, he worked as 5G Junior Consultant and Engineer at Altran Italia S.p.A, Milan, (Italy). He is coordinating 2 Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility projects. He has published several research papers in International conferences and impact factor Journals. From 2016, he is doing reviews of several reputed conferences and journals as well as expert reviewer of one Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND Scheme.

Affiliation: CONNECT Centre, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.


This working group helps manage OCEANS´ project processes and functions to improve efficiency, consistency and best practice integration. They also support with ESAA projects & AGM organization.

Head of Community Development

Scott graduated from University of Wales, Bangor with a degree in Environmental Science. Later went on to work in the Health service before pursuing a Masters degree in Arid Land Studies.

During his Masters Degree he spent one year at Texas Tech University in the USA, thanks to a grant from the EU.

At the present moment Scott is working in Lebanon with Syrian and Palestinian refugees around areas of general health and dealing with trauma. Additionally to this Scott is also deeply involved with a project in Somaliland that is working towards reintroducing a locally extinct shrub that will alleviate hunger during the drought season by providing nuts for people and fodder for livestock.


The members of OCEANS have participated in international study programmes and acquired great academic skills and valuable intercultural competencies. The team aims at promoting professional development of a unique pool of students and graduates. The main activities focus on providing training and development opportunities, supporting job-seekers, networking and fostering entrepreneurial ideas. This working group is dedicated to lifelong learning and is passionate about the implementation of different education & training programs for the network. They will plan different training workshops for OCEANS members in various subject areas and will also work closely with the board and manage OCEANS’ flagship event- Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Head of Communications

Uswa completed her BA and MA from University of Muhamadiyah Malang and University of Brawijaya with major in Management. She did master exchange under Erasmus Program at Masaryk University, Czech Republic in 2015-2016. During her exchange student, she did some volunteer activities in Kindergarten and High School in Brno. In addition, she participated in country presentation competition and won 2nd place.

Currently, Uswa is working in International NGO related to Children and Humanitarian. Prior working in NGO, she had work experience in multinational company and education sector. She loves cat, arts, culture, photography and networking.


Our network is doing great things and providing amazing opportunities, but all of these need to be communicated internally, to our members, and externally to the outside world. Exchange of information is key to enable our members to access our services, events, and opportunities. Packaging catchy and informative pieces of information on social media and articles to be published online is essential for advancing the prestige of the network and for giving chance to new people to get to know about us and what we do.

Those team members are passionate about creating engaging posts to promote OCEANS internationally. Thereby significantly contributing to an increased outreach and the network´s visibility on our social media channels.

Head of Content Development
Alexandra Coffman
United States

Alexandra Coffman has been an active OCEANS member since 2011. She is currently serving as the Deputy Communications Head and has served in past OCEANS roles including North American Coordinator and parts of transition and ESAA+ communications team. She graduated with MAs from West Virginia University and Collegium Civitas in history and international relations. She is currently employed at West Virginia University as an Extension Service Agent where she works with youth education, volunteer management, and community development. She is actively involved with youth global education within her position and is excited to again serve in an OCEANS board role.


The Head of Content Development ensures that OCEANS´ narratives and message are in support of the content strategies and editorial decisions that the team formulates along with the Communications Team.

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